Hafen Wien and Helrom receive the EL-MO Award 2022

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Hafen Wien and Helrom receive
the EL-MO Award 2022

Published 11 April 2022

(f. l. t. r.) Austrian Minister for Climate Protection Leonore Gewessler, Roman Noack (CEO Helrom), Monika Gindl-Muzik (Managing Director WienCont), Doris Pulker-Rohrhofer (Managing Director Hafen Wien), Secretary General of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Karlheinz Kopf
Foto: © www.annarauchenberger.com / Anna Rauchenberger

The prize honours innovative companies and projects that do ground-breaking work in implementing the mobility transformation for a CO₂-neutral economic cycle. The Trailer Rail loading point at the Port of Vienna, the joint project between Hafen Wien GmbH and Helrom, was also one of six award winners. The award was presented by the Secretary General of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Karlheinz Kopf, and by the Austrian Minister for Climate Protection, Leonore Gewessler.

Frankfurt, 11. April 2022 – The award ceremony took place as part of the trade congress EL-MOTION on 4 April in the Hotel Radisson Blu Park Royal Palace in Vienna. The expert jury selected six companies and projects from the submissions that make an especially innovative and sustainable contribution to CO₂ reduction and the climate-neutral mobility transformation. The loading hub at the port of Vienna for the Trailer Rail connection Vienna – Dusseldorf convinced the jury with its loading technology which is unique in the world and allows conventional non-craneable truck semi-trailers to be quickly transported by rail without any terminal


The Austrian climate protection minister, Leonore Gewessler, noted at the beginning of the award ceremony how vital an award like the EL-MO award was for the public perception of the mobility transformation: »It is important to highlight projects that demonstrate success, how this happens and how we can organise transport to ensure its operation is climate-friendly and emission-free.«


The award was accepted by Doris Pulker-Rohrhofer, the technical manager of Hafen Wien GmbH, who had shown extraordinary devotion from the beginning to implementing the Trailer Rail connection between Vienna and Dusseldorf. »I believed in this innovative project for climate-neutral freight rail transport from the start. I absolutely wanted to have Helrom at our location,« Ms Pulker-Rohrhofer revealed at the award ceremony. »This award shows we were right and serves as confirmation of our path towards climate-neutral freight transport.«

»This award encourages us
on our way to
climate-neutral freight transport.«

Huge CO₂ savings by barrier-free intermodal freight transport
Since the beginning of operations in 2020, initially still in a trial phase and from 2021 in regular operation, around 500 HELROM Trailer Rail trains have already run on the Vienna – Dusseldorf connection. As a result, about 14.000 truck trailers have been taken off the road and put on rails. This corresponds to a saving of 8.000 tons of CO₂ emissions. In the next few years, Helrom GmbH will significantly expand the capacities of this connection in cooperation with Hafen Wien. In future, 42 trailers will be transported per train. As a result, over 25.000 semi-trailer trips between Vienna and Dusseldorf will be saved annually – a CO₂ reduction of 15.000 tons per year. »Reconciling ecology and economic efficiency is one of our most important tasks,« emphasised Doris Pulker-Rohrhofer. »And if we want to master the challenge of the climate goals, moving from the road to rails is essential. Together with Helrom GmbH, we are making a noticeable contribution to climate protection and the mobility transformation with this reinforcement of barrier-free intermodal freight transport.«


Confirmation of the corporate goals and growth course of Helrom GmbH
Roman Noack, CEO of Helrom GmbH, also sees this award as an important confirmation of the corporate vision of net zero transport: »I’m delighted by this award. Many people in Vienna and Dusseldorf have demonstrated a great commitment to the realisation of this innovative freight transport solution. Politics and business recognised the potential and contributed to its success. The great success of the Vienna – Dusseldorf connection has exceeded all of our expectations and confirmed our plan to use HELROM Trailer Rail with greater capacities and also on other European connections.«


About Helrom GmbH
Helrom GmbH is a rail freight transport and technology company based in Frankfurt. Our worldwide patented freight wagon technology has enabled European long-distance logistics to achieve a truly barrier-free transition between road and rail for the first time – without large investments in loading terminals and close to customers. Currently, we are operating a very successful connection between Dusseldorf and Vienna in the form of the HELROM Trailer Rail for truck semi-trailers, with a logistical catchment area consisting of Hungary, Rumania and Serbia all the way to the Benelux and the UK. We are working towards CO₂-free freight transport in Europe. Net zero transport is our goal.



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