From Road to Rail with Helrom Trailer Rail

Helrom’s Trailer Rail express freight train enables you to move your unaccompanied trailers easily, at speed and with total reliability from Dusseldorf to Vienna and vice versa. Due to Helrom’s horizontal technology, your trailers are efficiently rolled on and off the wagon by Helrom staff - your driver simply has to check his trailer in at the parking area and is then back on the road being productive with the next journey.

Helrom sells the slots on it’s trains direct to road transport companies to ensure an economically competitive offer compared to direct road or alternative intermodal services. Integrated operations, GPS tracking and automated updates by sms and e-mail ensure you are kept fully informed at all stages of your trailer’s journey.

If you want to deliver modal switch for your trailers today, please contact David Kerr on 0160 975 345 14 or by e-mail on

The advantages for you are:


Helrom locomotives, wagons and terminal staff control the complete process end to end providing total reliability



Fast terminal turnaround times at Dusseldorf and Vienna – typically 20-30 minutes from truck arrival to departure



Suitable for liftable and non-liftable trailers including Mega trailers and Refrigerated trailers



No lifting of the trailer at any stage so there is no damage to your trailer or your customers’ cargo



Your trailer is available at the destination terminal for collection 23 hours after the train closing time



Helrom’s web portal allows you to manage all your bookings and information easily online

Our Business

We are moving freight volumes from road to rail by using the HELROM rail wagon and terminal technology.

We offer daily train services for trailers connecting truck hub locations.

We are continuously adding new corridors in Europe.

Our services

Daily, on-time train services between European truck hubs



Transit times designed to meet the truck market



Reduces CO2 emissions on a tonne km basis by 88% in comparison with road transport



Competitive pricing allowing truck companies to use rail rather than road


Simple process to reserve capacity on the train



Ability to pick-up and deliver trailers to our terminal at the convenience of our truck customers independent from the train schedules



Delivery of trailer up to 1 hour before train departure

Our technology

HELROM owns proprietary rail wagon and rail terminal technology. The HELROM technology allows us to transport all standard semi-trailers on rail.

The HELROM wagon opens and closes horizontally to load and unload. The HELROM wagon requires no additional terminal infrastructure for loading and unloading other than a track.

The HELROM technology has been proven in regular operations in Sweden.


Helrom wagon and terminal


All standard semi-trailers
on rail


All standard tank trailers
on rail


Opens and unloads


Loads and closes


Lean Terminal


Waggon and Terminal:
Easy to operate


Technology proven in
regular operations

About us

We are experts in rail freight, road transport and intermodal with more than 100 years of combined experience from front-line management to senior executive level. We have successfully managed and built up railway businesses in Europe and North America.

Keith Heller


Chairman of the Board

More than 40 years of experience in all aspects of transportation, logistics and mobility

    • Chairman of the Board of Trustees, UK Coal Mining, UK Coal Employee Benefit Trust, 2013 –2016, UK


    • Co-Chairman DB Schenker Rail, 2008 – 2010
      Chief Executive Offer, English, Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd, 2004 – 2010 UK, France, Belgium and Spain


    • President of the Board of Directors, Euro Cargo Rail S.A., 2005 –2009, Paris


    • Senior Vice President -Eastern Region, CN, 1995 –2003, Toronto, Canada Area

Roman Noack


Chief Executive Officer,
Member of the Board

Over 15 years of experience in the transportation and mobility industry

      • General Manager Cobra S.A / N.V. – Corridor Operations Belgium Rail Cobra S.A / N.V., 2016 – 2017


      • Senior Vice President Production Development – DB Cargo, 2010 – 2015


      • Senior Manager Corporate Development, Deutsche Bahn AG, 2006-2009


David Kerr


Chief Commercial Officer

Logistics professional with 30 years experience of road transport and rail freight- Having designed and launched multiple door-to-door intermodal services across Europe

    • Business Unit Director EMEA, Suttons Transport Group, 2013 – 2017


    • Commercial Director, DB Schenker Rail Region West, 2009 – 2012


    • Commercial Director, DB Schenker Rail (UK) (Previously EWS Railway Ltd), 2006 –2009


    • Business Development Director European Chemicals, TDG Plc 2001 – 2006


Dev Anand


Chief Operating Officer & Chief Engineer

45 years experience in various industries of which 38 years in railroad; well connected in Europe and experienced in rolling stock design, manufacturing, maintenance and approvals

    • General Manager, Railway Approvals Ltd, 1998 –2010 , Derby


    • Managing Director, Engineering Support Group Ltd, 2001 –2009


    • Engineering Manager, British Rail, Railfreight Distribution, 1996 – 1998

John Orr


Chief Wagon Production

Extensive experience at all levels of rail operations in North America.

      • Lead the safety and sustainability activity at CN a class 1 railroad


      • Was also the Senior Vice President and Chief Transportation Officer at this railroad

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